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Leanin Tree

As an illustrator and designer, I've been drawn to the artistry of greeting card design, nurturing a goal to contribute my own creation to the industry. Partnering with Leanin Tree to develop a Valentine's Day card design for their 2025 collection was a significant milestone in achieving this ambition. This professional experience allowed me to align my creative vision with the company's objectives, and the outcome holds the promise of adding a distinctive touch to their upcoming collection. 

Card Design

In selecting the design for this card, I was guided by a clear vision: to depart from stereotypical themes and infuse the illustration with my unique style and voice. I opted for an illustrative approach, focusing on soft yet playful colors that evoke feelings of love and relaxation. My aim was to transport the audience to a romantic French vacation, where they could immerse themselves in the moment with their loved one. By prioritizing originality and emotional resonance, I crafted a design that speaks directly to the heart, offering a fresh perspective on the traditional Valentine's Day aesthetic. 


Diversity & Playfulness

In shaping my design, I was driven to celebrate the depth of French culture by incorporating elements of its language, aesthetics, and lifestyle into the work. Beyond capturing its renowned aesthetics and classy lifestyle, I aimed to infuse the design with French language, offering a delightful linguistic touch that adds authenticity and charm. My intention was to create a design that not only resonates with the American market, but also serves as a welcoming invitation for individuals of all backgrounds to immerse themselves in the romantic ambiance of French culture. 

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