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Keri's Devine Finds & More

In developing the branding and digital presence for Keri's Devine Finds & More, meticulous attention was paid to ensure alignment with the business's ethos and objectives. As Keri's Devine Finds & More continues its trajectory of growth and success, the strategic branding and digital platform serve as indispensable assets in fostering brand loyalty and marketing expansion.  

Establishing the Brand

In establishing the logo and website for Keri's Devine Finds & More, I incorporated the signature phrase, "get pretty y'all," often said by Keri herself, to infuse the branding with her unique personality and charm. By prioritizing her preffered color palette, the logo resonated authentically with her aesthetic and preferences while maintaining readability and visual impact.


The website design was crafted to reflect Keri's energy and commitment to providing a delightful shopping experience, ensuring easy navigation for her customers. Through careful attention to detail and alignment with Keri's vision, the logo and website became essential components in communicating the essence of her brand to her audience. 


Lifelong Support

As a dedicated supporter of Keri's Devine Finds & More, I am committed to fostering a lifelong connection with the brand. My experience in establishing the logo and website has deepened my appreciation for the essence of Keri's vision and the value it brings to its audience. I aim to extend this same level of dedication and personalized connection to all my clients, making sure that each collaboration is infused with authenticity, creativity, and a genuine understanding of their unique brand identity and objectives. 


Crafting the logo for Keri's Devine Finds & More involved a thoughtful and iterative design process. I began by generating numerous thumbnail sketches, exploring a variety of visual compositions and placing different components in unique placements to get a feel of what was working and what wasn't. From these initial ideas, I developed multiple design options, each aimed at capturing the essence of the business and resonating with its audience. Informed by thorough research into thrift store branding trends and aesthetics, I ensured the logo not only reflected the client's vision, but also stood out in the competitive landscape. I also wanted to keep in mind, Facebook, the shopping platform that shoppers would mainly use, and how other businesses on this platform catered to their own brands and audiences. This methodical approach resulted in a successful logo that effectively conveys the unique identity of Keri's Devine Finds & More!

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