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Fashion Sketch_edited.jpg


As a 3D designer and beta-tester for Genies, I collaborated closely with their team to create assets for their new platform, The Workshop, where creative have the opportunity to craft their own avatar wearables for integration within the app.

Fit & Flare

Tasked with developing a ballerina top based on provided prompts, I embraced the challenge of not only meeting specified criteria, but also ensuring that my design resonated with audiences and reflected current trends. By leveraging my expertise in 3D design and keeping a pulse on emerging fashion trends, I successfully created a top that not only met the desired criteria, but also stood out as a stylish and sought-after addition to the Genies wardrobe. 


Mastering The Pipeline

Mastering the 3D pipeline was paramount in this project, as it was essential to meet specific file requirements, maintain the optimal number of faces, and ensure accurate exportation of models and textures to guarantee compatibility with the app. By understanding the intricacies of the 3D pipeline, including modeling, texturing, UV mapping, and exporting, I could effectively navigate the technical aspects of the project and streamline the workflow. Attention to detail in each step of the pipeline was crucial to delivering high-quality assets that not only met the desired specifications, but also seamlessly integrated into the Genies platform, ultimately enhancing the user experience for creators and consumers alike. 

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